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Southern Area BMFA BALSA BRAIN 2017

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On the 3rd November the annual Balsa Brain Quiz took place again at the Hamble Social club.

This year, again the Firebirds club hosted the event and also provided an ample buffet for all the contestants.

The facilities provided were as always excellent with a subsidized bar and ample room to ensure that projector and screen could be situated in a central location to ensure all teams could view the questions. This year again Ken Gale did a sterling job of presenting the question (with photos) in a slideshow presentation that ensured all contestants had ample time to discuss before submitting their answers.
The slideshow also included presentation of the answers once the rounds were completed and the whole process worked extremely smoothly (thanks Ken).

This year our Balsa Brain trophy had to be increased in size to allow additional winners plaques to be added and it is now a significant trophy measuring some 24 inches square.
As part of the refurbishment to the trophy we also added a plaque that recorded our thanks to Steve Warren and his wife Maggie who have been so much a part of this event over the past 35 years, all at this years event felt this an appropriate gesture.
Reading the list of past winners takes one back in time and identifies that over 16 different clubs have previously won this event.

This year we had entries from the following clubs -
  CADMAC (Chichester and District MAC)
  SMAC   (Southampton Model Aero Club)
  SAM 1066
  WINNERS (alias Petersfield AM)

It was indeed unfortunate that due to a late change in date at least 2 other regular clubs were unable to attend however they both promised support for 2018,

After the first 4 rounds of question a raffle was held and again the table of prizes on offer was excellent.
This year we also received support from the Sussex Model Centre - a big thank you to them for donating well received prize.  Other who provided prizes included Flitehook, Stuart Simpson and the S/Area BMFA committee members.

So after a close fought event the following results were recorded

Southampton Model Aero Club
91 Points
Firebirds MAC
80 Points
SAM 1066
79 Points
68 Points
65 Points
WINNERS' alias Petersfield AM
56 Points
So this year's champions are SOUTHAMPTON MAC - a well-deserved victory.

On the following page are some photos to record the event.

We would like to thanks all those clubs ,teams and sponsors who have again contributed to the 2017 Balsa Brain Quiz and  we look forward to 2018 as this 35 year old trophy lives on

Thanks Tony Butterworth FSMAE (Southern Area Chairman)

Southampton MAC - the winners captain John Thompson, John Bennett, John Moxan , Bob Cornfield and Barrie Lever

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