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Balsa Brain 2018

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Friday the 30th November saw once again the annual Southern Area Balsa Brain event take place at Hamble community centre courtesy of the Firebirds MFC . This was the 34th time the Balsa Brain trophy had been awarded, initially starting life back in 1983 where LEE BEES won the original event that was held at the Cosham community centre organised by the portsmouth MFC,,
Over  the last 33 years we have seen many clubs recognised on the trophy as winners so it is interesting to record these achievements  --

PADMAC -- have won this event 8 times
LEE BEEs -- have won this event 7 times
PETERSFIELD MFC -- have won this event 4 times
WALTHAM CHASE -- have won this event 3 times
SMAC ( Southampton ) -- have won this event 2 times
FIREBIRDS -- have won this event 2 times
NEWBURY -- have won his event 2 times
DAEDALUS mfc -- have won this event once
Army Air Corp -- have won this event once  
Team MANNY ( BMFA HQ team ) -- won this event once ..

The evening started with 9 teams in attendance , Terry Weeks taking control as question master targeting completion of 5 rounds of questions . At half time there were 5 teams all within 3 points of each other while the remaining 4 teams were only 7 points behind the leaders. This trend was to continue to the final round where only 8 points separated the top 5 teams. Eventually the trophy was awarded to SOUTHAMPTON MAC who came out top with 73 points ,this being the 3rd time they have won the event .

The evening included a free buffet for all who attended and the customary raffle with prizes supplied by our 2 main sponsors -- FLITEHOOK  and SUSSEX MODEL CENTRE - there regular support for this event is very much appreciated.
This year saw the teams coming from many local clubs and associations so it is with thanks that we record this years entrants as --
SAM 1066
SAM 35
PAMS Peoples
Thanks must go to Firebirds MFC who arranged the venue and buffet - Terry Weeks the question master who also composed questions -- Alan Shergold who provided projector and screen and of course all who attended .. Next year will be the 35th year the trophy will be awarded, the Southern Area BMFA will again extend a warm welcome to all local clubs ( remember its free ) -- we hope to see you there.........................     
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