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Alton Silent Flyers (ASF)

Club Focus

Alton Silent Flyers (ASF)
A Club Profile.

For some time the gliding membership of the Aldershot Model Club had been operating from a second field at East Worldham away from the main site at Old Basing. The gliding contingent numbered around 16 of what was then a club of some 120 members so quite reasonably were the junior partners when it came to representation on the club’s committee and were bound by rules that did not necessarily meet the needs of the discipline. Very few members of the AMC used both sites generally keeping to the site that was in keeping with the type of aircraft that they flew.
When the AMC had trouble with a new neighbour moving in nearby to the Blacklands Farm site at Old Basing it became apparent that the fees would almost definitely have to increase and this prompted the question as to whether it would be fair to impose the increase on the gliding fraternity of the club that were not affected. The decision to separate was raised at the AMC committee it was agreed that the cleanest way forward would be to go our separate ways, the split was an amicable one with no bad feeling from either side.
The Alton Silent Flyers were thus formed officially at an EGM on the 19 December 2013 after initial meetings with the members from the gliding section of the Aldershot Model Club.
The new club decided it would be unnecessary to create a full formal committee, just a few managing officers being elected to deal with the day to day running and the whole membership then being consulted at club-nights for any major decisions, rule amendments and the like that were deemed necessary. With the current membership level of just over 20 so far this has worked well, should it increase it may have to be re-visited.
The current committee consists of a Secretary-Chairman, Treasurer-Membership Secretary, a member to deal with the web-site and one other.
The membership remains open for like- minded silent flyers with the current fees set at £55.00 + BMFA if required. We are affiliated to the BMFA and our number is 2891.

Club-nights are held in the Three Horseshoes at East Worldham (adjacent the flying site) on the 3 Tuesday of each month.

A rulebook was put together based on the AMC rulebook deleting the items that were not relevant to the new club. The club approved the acceptance of Terry Pelling and Tony Ridler as club examiners together with Terry Weeks who represents the club as a committee member of the Southern Area BMFA and is an Area Chief Examiner.
The East Worldham Site taken at one of the Southern Area League Esoaring events.

As the above Photograph shows we have held and continue to hold 4 National Esoaring events per annum that form the Southern Area BMFA Esoaring Championship.
For our members several other events are held that range from Height Limited “Foamy” competitions, an Esoaring League and an Esoaring Open. As required winch launched 100S and Open competitions can be held but the popularity of these classes is sadly waning.
In general we like to think we are a friendly bunch so if you feel inclined get in touch.
Terry Weeks – Club Secretary.

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