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The Southern Area of the British Model Flying Association
BMFA Southern Area
BMFA Southern Area
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Southern Area
The Southern Area, centered around Hampshire, Berkshire and Dorset is one of the areas providing representation at national level for model flyers in all regions of England and Northern Ireland. Scotland is represented separately by the Scottish Aeromodellers Association (SAA).
Areas are part of the heirarchy of the BMFA which is often overlooked but provide a link between clubs and the national association.
1. East Anglia
2. London
3. Midlands
4. Northern
5. North East
6. North West
7. South Midlands
8. South East
9. Southern
10. Western
11. Mid West
12. South West
13. Northern Ireland
The Areas have committees elected from clubs within the area and many inter-club activities are organised along with events to promote model flying in the community. Often the opportunity is taken to combine the enjoyment of model flying with the raising of funds for charity. Information on the Southern Area's activities are contained in the regular newsletters published online and circulated to clubs.
Delegates from each area form the BMFA's Area Council which has responsibility for many aspects of BMFA operations including the achievment schemes.
The Southern Area is proud of it's committment and achievements with the British Model Aerospace Challenge. This national initiative aims to further aeromodelling among young people by introducing the building and flying of model aircraft in schools. After the completion of models at their school under the supervision of experienced modellers a series of competitons are held culminating in a national finals.
In 1999 the committee under the dynamic leadership of Roger Bedford published their vision of how the Southern Area should develop in the form of eleven aims and objectives.

1. To encourage young people into the sport by representing the BMFA at shows
2. To promote aeromodelling as a hobby as well as a sport, to take advantage of the increase in leisure time.
3. To work in conjunction with Hampshire County Council at the Hobbies Extravaganza held at Victoria Country park Annually.
4. To arrange for the Chairman and General Secretary to attend a Southern Area Conference.
5. To promote BMAC by contacting the schools in this area individually.
6. To continue organising shows and events that promote the sport/hobby and attempt to increase the number.
7. To encourage clubs to attend area meetings and to visit as many club events as possible.
8. To see the Southern Area take a more active role in BMFA affairs and have it's voice heard loudly and clearly.
9. To encourage non affiliated clubs to affiliate with the BMFA by personal representation.
10. To encourage individual members to join the BMFA.
11. To set up a web page for the Southern Area.

Thirty years on Hobbies Extravaganzas have taken place every year with a highly visible participation by the Southern Area despite financial challenges and progress has been achieved in all the others which are ongoing, endless objectives, an achievment of the Southern Area committee's committment and particulary of its late chairman Roger Bedford.

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