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2018 S A Esoaring Championship

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A report from Terry Weeks on the 2018 S A Esoaring Championship:

For many years now the Alton Silent Fliers have hosted the Southern Area BMFA Esoaring Championship at their East Worldham site, a series of 4 competitions open to all.
The first three rounds were flown without a hitch on the 20th May, 17th June and the 22nd July in good weather but the planned fourth round had to be cancelled due to really bad weather. This fourth round was re-arranged for the 21st October it the hope that the series could be completed and as you can see by the photograph below the weather was brilliant, cloudless with very light winds.

Each round is a competition in its own right and on the day, the winner was Chris Foss with Glyn Chambers second and Mike Raybone third, each received a bottle of wine donated by the club, 11 entered this round of the competition.
The series win is calculated on the best 3 round from the 4 so as not to eliminate anyone missing a round due to other commitments and the final results were as follows:           1st Place Mike Raybone, 2nd place Chris Foss and 3rd Place Jim Hathaway a member of the host club. Well done to all. A total of 14 pilots had participated in the series.

There was also an award for the best flight of the day and this went to the entrants on the day to suggest a worthy winner, two were nominated Chris Foss and Glyn Chambers, both had scratched away from a very low height to eventually fly out the slot, so it went to the age old tradition of the toss of a coin to decide the eventual winner of the trophy, Chris won.
Key to Photographs.

The entries on the day assembled for the final group photograph of the series.

The Trophies provided by the Southern Area BMFA.

The winners plaque being presented to Mike Raybone the overall winner of the series ( best 3 from 4 ) by the CD on the day Terry Pelling.
The Launch of the final slot of the day, Glyn Chambers in the foreground is waiting tactically to see where the others are heading before launching.
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